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UpdateGeneral Written by Vince, 4 October 2014, 22:49.07

- Fixed the issue where you could not attack the training boys in castles.
- Fixed Hesham's mansion and renamed it, so players can actually buy it.
- Added pop up text in VIP.
- Created a completly new teleport room.
* Moved all teleport pop-up texts to the new room.

Update & ResetGeneral Written by Vince, 3 October 2014, 19:26.40

- Fixed tons of map errors/bugs.
- You should no longer have problems doing the Antica Mount quest.
- Fixed map errors/bugs in castle.
- VIP has been re-moddeled.
* VIP now has difficulty selection.
* 14 new spawns (including a new monster)
* New monsters are on their way to fill in the holes.
- 6 new creatures that will be presented in the next update.
(1 that's currently in-game)
- 2 new quest have been created.
* 1 new quest have been added into the quest room.
(Reward: Manashield ring)
- Increased the amount of Archdruids there are in normal hunting room.
* Fixed a bunch of TPs that did not teleport you to the regular temple.
- You should not longer debug or have problems when leaving the Archsorcerer spawn.
- Training boys have gained increased health as requested. (Temporary fix)
- Dwarf Outfit quest should now function correctly.
- The NPC "Forgotten buyer" have now been fixed.
- These spells are removed
* Iceblast
* Fireblast
* Thunderblast
* Exevo barend hur
* First hur
* Domino vita
* Death hur
- The soccer event has been scaled down as requested.

- A few quest/feature have been temp blocked:
* The quest for "Iceblast, Fireblast and Thunderblast" have been removed and will be replaced
* The Forever Amulet quest have been removed and will be replaced with another reward.
* The Rebirth Bag quest have been temp-blocked and will be fixed, if possible.
* The Tin Lizzard mount quest have been temp-blocked and will be fixed.
* The Casino have been temp-blocked until we fix it.

RoHaN-OTs.com BETA is live!General Written by Erza, 28 September 2014, 17:08.06

Dear community,
We have now finished the BETA version of rohan-ots.com
This is your opportunity to earn premium points by answering simple questions!
We are currently offering a variety of 2 games with more of them coming your way: Daily 5 & Fast Fingers
You can create an account by clicking here and link your ForgottenL account!
Have fun & enjoy the game!

FeedbackGeneral Written by RoHaN, 19 September 2014, 18:27.02

Hello Community, we would like your feedback on ForgottenL. Please leave your feedback in this thread.

Downtime & Server transferServer Maintenance Written by Erza, 22 July 2014, 03:56.55

Hello, as you may have noticed, there have been a few downtimes. This was caused by us moving to another host. Everything should be stable now though. We have added a few small gifts to all acc ounts as compensation.