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CTF Event informationEvents Written by RoHaN, 21 November 2014, 06:10.14

Here's a brIef information about how CTF works.
The teleporter spawns every 30 minutes from when it last did, and requires a minimum of 4 players to start.
The game lasts 2-10 minutes depending on catches the enemy's flag and runs home with it 3 times first (Best of 5)
The winning team gets rewarded with 5 points to purchase gifts.

Update list for DecemberServer Written by RoHaN, 19 November 2014, 16:10.46

Pet System & Monsters balancingGeneral Written by RoHaN, 19 November 2014, 02:16.26

We've nerfed alot of monsters and buffed the pet system, it's a lot easier to catch bosses!
Step by step explained how to tame a pet:
1. Get Boss Capturing Jar
2. Speak to NPC Arthur and buy 'musicsheet' for 10 forgotten tokens each for the boss you want to catch
3. You will get a musicsheet for that specific boss which you should place on your arrow slot
4. Go face your boss, bring it down to RED hp for highest chance
5. Use Boss capturing jar on it while having the musicsheet on arrow slot
Important thing to note: The stronger the boss you're trying to tame is, the lower chance you have of taming it.
Stats for Bosses: (Catch % ratio)
Troll champion 55%, Laffy killer 40%, Eye don't hurt 30%, Faggot Barend 25%, Big foot 15%, Bitchy hydra 10%,Kamil 10%, Vincefag 10%, Grizzly da bear 8%, Energy overlord 6%, Earth overlord 6%, Ice overlord 6%, Fire overdlord 3%.

Higher levelServer Written by RoHaN, 18 November 2014, 11:49.10

We've decided to put EXP Stages and soft reset 300k+ players down to 300k to keep the balance.
We also lowered the death loss %.
Other notes: 2 new quests added(mega super SD & Rebirth bow+ arrow quest) , Forgotten Legend spell getting nerfed, daily frags limit raised to 50 from 20.

UpdatesServer Written by RoHaN, 16 November 2014, 18:33.45

As you can see we've made tons of changes!
Few latest we'd like to announce are:
ALL quests are fixed and working now.
New addon quest added
Mage armor & Mystery gift added, Boss capturing jar, Forgotten boots & Name changer.