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Downtime & Server transferServer Maintenance Written by Erza, 22 July 2014, 03:56.55

Hello, as you may have noticed, there have been a few downtimes. This was caused by us moving to another host. Everything should be stable now though. We have added a few small gifts to all acc ounts as compensation.

ForgottenL V2.5 UpdateGeneral Written by Hesham, 18 February 2014, 16:41.13

The long wait is finally over ForgottenL has been Update, ill leave you with the change log.

Fixed almost all map bugs.
Fixed Forever Aol, now when you are dead your body stays and you get frags.
Fixed Guild war bug where you don't get a frag of the person wearing a forever Aol.
Fixed Sprites of alot of items including Forgotten Rod and Forgotten Legs.
Fixed Outfit changer bug,now it gives all outfits till 9.2.
Fixed a bug where you can't say "Defiler" in local chat.
Fixed a bug where Inferior SD can be used in Non PvP places, and where it dealt mroe damage than Forgotten SD.
Fixed Rebirth Manarune,Inferior Manarune,Upgraded Mixed rune where they could be used while frozen.
Fixed a bug where Castles spawns took forever to respawn.
Fixed all quests which were very hard and not worth the items (They are now easier)
Fixed "!aol" command where it gave you a forever aol instead of a normal one.
Fixed Aranius event where it was very easy to kill it.
Added a new city to VIP which contains 18 new VIP house.
Added 12 new castles.
Added Event shop where you can buy special items using event tokens.
Added a new NPC "Sylvia" which changes your vocation.
Added a new spot in temple where all event teleports will be created.
Added new weapons "Destiny"
Added a new way to go to VIP (Train)
Added Pop up animations around the server.
Added different Depots in the server.
Added rebirth requirments to enter spawns starting from 10 rebirths till 50+
Reduced armor of Rebirth,rich sets, and increased the armor of upgraded rich set.
Balanced a few monsters.

Special thanks for Erza for making this update possible.

And alot more, this is just the begining

Server is back up againServer Maintenance Written by RoHaN, 15 August 2013, 20:44.42

As an apology for the downtime we have added everyone 100 premium points.

Server is back upServer Maintenance Written by TGYoshi, 6 August 2013, 17:54.19

Due to server maintenance the server was down for several hours. Most maintenance has now been finished.
We apologize for the downtime and as compensation we have granted everyone 60 premium points!


ForgottenL V 2.0 UpdateGeneral Written by RoHaN & Hesham, 22 July 2013, 23:30.47

Welcome to Forgotten Legend's Update!
We have made some changes and new items we would like you introduce to you!

1.[NEW]Mini VIP scroll:This gives you VIP for 7 Days for 40 points!

2.[New]Fields Rune:You use the rune on a player and he will have a field of random stuff around him,fire,posion,energy etc. every time a player moves in it he will lose 500,000 Hp/MP cannot be used on a player less than 1 rebirth.

3.[New]Magic prison rune:Make 8 Magic walls around the player casted on,it will trap him for 3 seconds

4.[Readd]Freeze dodge rune- 40% chance of dodging being frozen

5.[Readd]Time travel rune- This rune will teleport after 10 seconds to the place that you use this rune at, it's a good way to escape your enemies.

6.Inferior UH:Heals half the amount of Forgotten UH

7.Inferior Manarune: Heals 500 Million Mana.

10.[Readd]Marijuana (It gives you 75kk regeneration/per sec it lasts for 20 minutes,But it's effects run out when dead or rebirth,it's useful when hunting)

11.[NEW]Stealthshield ring (Gives you manashield and stealth forever when equipped until you remove it!)

12.Inferior SD:Deals half damage of the Forgotten SD (Based on rebirths)

16.[NEW]Block rune: : When you use it will make u Immune to incoming damage for 2 seconds (Cooldown 2 miniutes)

13.Exana all (5 reb spell):a spell called "Exana all" removes all debugged like poison,fire etc..

14. Fast as you can system : This is an Ingame system like quiz example:"Write as fast as you can this word: I|L|o|0|7| without the "|"
Yes, random letters random number the system is the one who makes the word fastest wins 1 token its done every 1 Hour.
15. Paypal system fixed

16.Map Update!

[Comming soon]
1.Spell system:a Player gets a new spell every 10 rebirths till 300 rebirths

2.Fire storm Event

3.Tetris Game

4.Race event

5.Roulette game

There is still alot more to come we are just getting started.